2s and 3s

In our 2s and 3s, our teachers interact with the children in small groups and one-on-one, even as they play, to teach what can be learned about God at this young age.  Simple lessons such as sharing, getting along with one another, being gentle and kind and obeying instructions are all a part of what is learned.  Their time is filled with playing, singing, praying, hearing a lesson, coloring and occasionally making a craft or seeing a video.  Midway through their class time, all the children's classes join together for an energetic time of praise and worship.  

Check-In/Out Procedures

Our Children's classes for kids age 2 through grade 6 are located in the Fellowship Hall (basement) of the church. Upon arrival, parents escort their child to the Kid's Check-in station in the Fellowship Hall.  Using one of the touch screen monitors, parents will follow quick and easy directions to check in their child.  A name tag for the child and a claim ticket for the parent will print, each with the same identifying number.  From there, following the signs and/or directions from a Children's Ministry Leader, parents take their child to the age appropriate classroom.  If a child needs their parent during the adult service, the child's number will appear on the visual display on the wall in the sanctuary.  By referring to the claim ticket printed at check-in, parents will know if there is a need for them to return to their child's classroom.  At the end of the adult service, the parent will return to the door of their child's classroom, tell the teacher their child's name and give the teacher their claim ticket (printed at check-in time).  The teacher will match the parent's number to the name and number on the child's name tag and dismiss the child to their parent.

See Child Protection page to view a video of the check-in process.


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Zech Riggs
Interim Director of Children's Ministry
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